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"Awake at 4:30AM... The murmur of the surf was just beyond the oceanfront lawn."

I awoke at 4:30 AM hearing the murmur of the surf just beyond the oceanfront lawn of the Hale Napili Maui condo rentals. Dozed until 6ish, (Central Time Zone escapee) got up grabbed the camera and went outside to the oceanfront lawn and was greeted by an amazing display of gold, oranges and pinks in the clouds behind the condos, with the slightest hint of violet/pink (Mauve?) just starting on the ever present clouds across the bay above Molokai Island. And as the soft light progressed, illuminating the whole area, the beach began showing some color as well.

Wow... this is the coolest place.

Made some real 100% (Lion brand) Kona Coffee, what a treat to sit on our own lanai (outside porch/patio area) eating fresh banana nut bread made locally, while enjoying the smooth Kona brew. As I watched the color grow on the clouds across the ocean to Molokai Island, it occurred to me this must be why they call this place “paradise”. As the sun continued its slow ascent my wife joined me and we shared the soft morning light. A bird showed up and she tossed a nut bread crumb and within 10 minutes we were visited by Cardinals, Doves, Sparrows, red tropical birds, and black birds.

My wife spotted it, our first Napili Bay rainbow! I quickly grabbed the camera and took a picture. Soon after, there was this gentle tropical shower with the sun full out, it lasted all of 45 seconds just slightly more than a drizzle but not a downpour. You would never expect a tropical shower with the sun out, but it happened at Hale Napili.

A quick walk on the beach brought us to the gazebo restaurant where their reputation for macadamia nut pancakes was confirmed by many in attendance. As we ate fresh fruit we watched the early surfers and snorkelers plying their sport while we enjoyed the great breakfast. We also enjoyed the last of the of the morning color over Lanai Island just across the way.

We walked further west from the restaurant along the beachfront enjoying the tide pools with many little fish, crabs, and some amazing aquatic life temporarily trapped as the tide ebbed. As we rounded the point we came upon the next bay where a National Turtle Sanctuary has been established and saw our first turtles feeding.

Everywhere we walked around the Hale Napili, we were surrounded by amazing flower blossoms: Gardenias, Bougainvillea, Plumeria, Adenium, Pink and Red Ginger and many more. I just do not know their names.

As we returned to Hale Napili on our beach stroll, there were already sandcastles being built and folks enjoying the warm sun on this beautiful beach which seems groomed, but is in fact just the nicest stretch of clean sand we have ever seen (seems smoother than the sand in San Diego or Baja, Mexico).

We grabbed beach chairs from the stack by the barbecues, (after slathering on copious amounts of sunscreen) and planting ourselves on the beach to absorb the glorious warmth and to yet be cooled by the beautiful breeze which seems ever present. Thus, we started our first day of people watching and tanning. We thought we’d be the only ones with no tan but it seems that we are the average folks on this beach. As we visited with others around us we learned we were the lucky ones for staying at Hale Napili. The other condos didn’t offer the same views or proximity to the ocean and convenience of beach showers (there are 3 areas for the beach showers).

After some beach time and now a bit hungry we retired to our unit at Hale Napili and made a quick lunch. Then deciding to go into Lahaina (10 minutes away) and shop for some memorabilia for the grandkids. We found a nice shopping area, clean and all of the vendors and shopkeepers were willing to haggle which is my favorite sport. After picking up tee shirts and such, we looked into parasailing. Wow, you could go up as high as 1200 feet; but we voted to do that another day, but definitely a must do. We spent the afternoon leisurely checking out the Lahaina area and seeing the shops, we found Lahaina Farms to be the best food market in the area and it had the best prices; as well as a great selection of natural foods and locally produced food. It is located in the Lahaina Gateway Lifestyle Center across the highway from the Safeway market area.

We went back to the Hale Napili and stepped out of the car and again our noses were assailed by the sweet fragrance of various flowers, which seem to surround this area. I took a book and went out to the lawn area and fell asleep reading under an umbrella. Seemed like a short nap but the sun was getting low and it was time to grab the camera and get some last shots. After capturing a remarkable sunset, with gold and red tones it was time to test the great looking barbecues.

Having stopped at Costco* on the way from the airport to Hale Napili, we had some great steaks to test the grill with. The grills were spotless and we were soon sharing our picnic table dinner, under torchlight, with some other guests and enjoying the conversation. After a great meal and moonlight stroll on the beach, we retired and were soon lulled to sleep by the lovely murmur of the surf. (We had TV/Cable but failed to watch it, go figure.)

That was our first full day at Hale Napili and it was repeated with many variations, including snorkeling, and checking out the rest of the island. Sunrise on top of the volcano is not to be missed! In all ways totally enjoyable, and we wait with anticipation for the next time we can pull ten days away from the business and return to our newly found Hale Napili.


* Costco: Go left at the first light after you leave the airport area, the brown building on the left at the light, is Costco, no sign on the side.

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