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Parasailer landing on the beachIf you are searching for a thrill similar to an amusement park ride that offers beautiful views of the bay and the ocean, Lahaina parasailing is a ride you will never forget! Parasailing is a recreational activity where a person is towed behind a boat while attached to a canopy wing that looks like a parachute. Flights usually last between 7-14 minutes and can vary between 600 to 1200 feet in the air. Parasailing is a safe activity suitable for all ages and is always conducted with the utmost care for the rider.

Parasailing, known as the “thrill ride of the sky”, is available all across Maui from May through December (January through April are avoided to not mess with the migration of humpback whales in the area). Because parasailing tours only run for seven months out of the year, companies offering the activity tend to book up very fast—if you are planning a future trip to Lahaina, book your parasailing adventure well in advance. Both UFO Parasail and West Maui Parasail offer trips where you can fly alone, tandem, or even three at a time!

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