Sea Turtles in Maui

Near Hale Napili you’ll find several species of Maui sea turtles though there’s a strong focus on our honu (green), honu`ea (hawksbill), and the leatherback sea turtles.

Sea turtle swimming underwaterHonu have been swimming in our oceans and on our shores for more than 150 million years. Honu populations have declined over the years and are now protected by the United States Endangered Species Act. It is illegal to trap, harm, or kill a honu.

It’s recommended to stay 15 feet away from a honu and never use the flash setting on your camera as bright lights disturb the honu and can prevent the hatchlings from navigating out to the water as hatchlings are on the move during the night.

It takes 25 years for honu to reach maturity and the lifespan in the wild is estimated at 80 years.

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