Maui & Lahaina Transportation Options

Getting to Hale Napili and deciding which Maui transportation options you will use while you are here is easy. Depending on what you’d like to do and see while you stay with us, you may need to rent a car, use a ride share, hail a taxi, use public transportation—or if you’re more of the adventurous type, you can rent a moped or scooter to see the island.

Airports/Airlines: The biggest transportation expense you will incur during your Maui vacation is the cost of airfare to get here. There are three airports on the island that each offer different options when it comes to getting to Maui. Read more about the airports on Maui. Many airlines offer discounts throughout the year and this is a great way to save if you’re coming from the mainland United States or from abroad. Some of the least expensive times of the year to take a flight to Hawaii can be in April, May, September and October, although don’t let these times limit you as there are other great specials year-round.

Car Rentals: Many of our guests want to be able to explore the island on their own. Renting a car as you leave the airport is one of the best ways to do this. Sometimes airlines will offer deals if you book both your flight and car at the same time. Depending on what other activities you want to partake in during your stay at Hale Napili, you may want a SUV or a compact car. Gas prices can be much higher than the mainland so plan to factor that into your vacation budget. Here is some more information about car rental options in Maui. If you need assistance booking a rental car, our staff at Hale Napili can assist you in that process, call us at 1-800-245-2266.

Taxis: There are a number of taxi services on the island that offer rides to get you around. Some taxi companies will even offer to shuttle you to different scenic spots on the island. Here are some of the island’s taxi services that serve Lahaina: Aina Lahaina Taxi 808-661-9999 - Lahaina Taxi 808-661-5959 -West Maui Taxi 808-661-1122 - Hawaii Executive Transportation 808-669-2300. If you need a recommendation don’t hesitate to ask our staff to call a taxi on your behalf.

Ride Shares: Uber has come to Maui. With a smart phone you can download the app and add the time you want to leave and this ride share service will get you to and from Hale Napili. Be aware that at times the cost for the ride can vary depending on the demand for the service from other customers.

Public Transportation: Maui has a great public transportation system which consists of thirteen bus routes that can get you to select parts of the island. The Napili Village bus stop (Stop ID: 1018) is across the street from Hale Napili. A daily pass will cost you $4 a person (subject to change). Although not the quickest way to get around, it is one of the most economical ways to travel on the island and experience it from a local’s perspective.

Mopeds/Scooter Rentals: Seeing the island from the back of a scooter or moped is like nothing else. You can smell the sweetness of the flowers and the salt in the air while the island sights are at your fingertips. If you decide to rent a scooter or moped make sure to have proper insurance and licensing, in addition you must have a motorcycle license to operate a scooter on Maui. If you’re not already in possession of such a license, you will have to rent a moped, which travels at slower speeds. There are a couple of places to rent scooters and mopeds in Lahaina: Island Motion Moped & Scooter Rentals, Motoroshi Maui, and Aloha Motorsports.

After a long day of sightseeing in one of our many modes of transportation on the island, come back to Hale Napili and relax in one of our comfortable Lahaina rooms!

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